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December 14, 2012
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"Alas, my love, you do me wrong, to cast me off discourteously. For I have loved you well and long, delighting in your company." sang a young voice whilst walking across the empty deck, pretending to dance with the mope they were using "Greensleeves was all my joy, Greensleeves delight-" "Greensleeves was my heart of gold and who but my Lady Greensleeves." another deeper voice sang with the sound of heavy leather boat's walking across the deck, making the young girl jump and drop the mop. "dad! you startled me!" the child said, crossing her arm's wit a pout on her face. Arthur chuckled and knelt in front of her, taking of his hat and bowing his head "I am ever so sorry my Lady" he said, the young girl rolled her (Colour) eyes and blew the bangs out of her face, patting Arthur's blond scruffy hair "it's okay daddy" they said, walking to Arthur's side and pulling him up by grabbing his arm, well, tried. a 5 year old can't excaly lift up a fully grown man. "aren't you supposed be smacking old frog-face or something daddy?" she asked as Arthur placed his hat back on his head "now (Name), that's not very nice....I don't alway's hit him" Arthur said, ruffling his daughter's loose hair. "but, your right, I am. I just wanted to make sure you were okay" Arthur said, gently moving the hair out of her eye's. "I'm not a little girly dad~ I live on a Pirate's ship! I can do anything I wish and take down anyone I want!" (Name) said, oblivious to the fact that she was only a child and couldn't take down anyone like she say's she can. Arthur smiled at her excited expression. It had been year's since Ivan had been here and Arthur alway's tried to convince himself it was just a dream and nothing more, though he knew he didn't believe himself for one second. That bastard was coming back for his daughter and he didn't even know when or why, it could be right now or when he was old and grey or behind prison bar's where he knew she would have no chance on her own. Arthur felt a tug at his sleeve, dragging him out of his thought's "daddy? are you okay?" (Name) asked, looking up at Arthur worried, "hmm? of course I am. what made you think over wise?" he asked. (Name) pointed over at the ship's left side railing's "you've been staring over there for a good few minutes" she answered. the place were Ivan stood when he took his daughter from him and threatened her, just the thought made his blood boil. Arthur lifted up (Name) placing her on his hip "come on poppet, it'll be dark soon, you shouldn't be out on your own" Arthur said.


"Your vows you've broken, like my heart, Oh, why did you so enrapture me? Now I remain in a world apart but my heart remains in captivity." (Name) sang, laying down on her father's bed, whilst he made sure the crew didn't drink all the rum. getting up from the bed, (Name) desided to look around her father's room, only finding sack's of golden coins and either empty or full bottles of rum. Eventually she came across an old basket with blanket's and a old crumpled note inside. picking up the note, (Name) tried to read it but couldn't understand the complex handwriting "it's too curvy and posh" she said. placing back down the note and picking up the old ratted blanket's "Francis god damn it! keep your bloody hands off me!" she heard her father snap from outside, making the young girl laugh. "what are you laughing at" Arthur said entering the room and trying to close the door on Francis "come on Artie! mon cher~ come give me a kiss~" Francis said, blushed red from being drunk. Arthur blushed and punched Francis "my daughter is in here you bloody git! now get go to sleep! your drunk!" Arthur snapped. Francis laughed his perverted laugh "only if you join me~" he said. Arthur glared at Franics, his eye twitching "I will shot you" he said, placing his hand over the pistol on his belt. Francis yelped and walked away from the door and held up his hands "don't shot! I'm too beautiful to die!" he said, retreating. Arthur rolled is eye's and closed the door, making sure it was locked. Arthur turned to face his daughter, who was laughing hard whilst holding her stomach. "oh, shut up" Arthur said crossing his arms at the laughing five year old "and don't tell me your sorry, we both now that's a complete and utter lie." he added. finally (Name) stopped laughing and wiped her eye's "that was funnier then the time Alfred thought you were a girl and started chatting you up" she giggled, making Arthur blush at the embarassing memory. "(Name), I've told you to never tell anyone about that ever, so don't bring it up" Arthur said, walking over to his daughter and sitting next to her "what are you doing going through my thing's?" he asked, watching as she rummeged through a draw "nothing" she answered, sitting back down and picking up the old crumpled note, lifting it up for Arthur to see "daddy, what does this say? I can't read it" she asked, allowing her father to take the note and uncrumpling it. once he did he smiled reading over the note. "I forgot I kept this" he commented, folding up the paper and placing it in his pocket. "it's late" he said, looking out of the window before looking back at his daughter "you should be sleeping right now." he said, standing up "but, you get to stay up" she complained, gaining a look from Arthur as he placed her down on the bed, unbraiding her hair "that's because I'm older, and you younger. plus I say so" he said, combing her hair with his finger's, getting rid of all the tangled hair. "that's not fair. I'm not a little kid" (Name) said, crossing her arm's. Arthur chuckled at her, kneeling infront of her and takinng of her boat's "well, when your older, you'll be able to stay up a little longer" he said "how much older do I have to be?!" she exclaimed, eye's wide in excitement. "about.....14? maybe a little older" he answered. (Name) groaned and flopped on her back "but's that's years!" she complained. "exacly" Arthur said, standing back up and pulling her up "now go to sleep, we have to ship into the market and do some trading tomorrow and I can't carry you around" he said as (Name) pulled back the sheet's and climbed under them "daddy...what did that paper say?" she asked again, as her father laid next to her ontop of the cover's and wrapping a protective arm around her. "....nothing to be worried about, it has nothing to do with anything imported" Arthur said, obviously lying. but who could blame him? she may not be his but he still had the parental connection with her, he raised her and could see himself in her when he was young. "okay" she said, laying down her head. Arthur looked over at his coat hanging on the heavy old wooden door and sighed. he knew she had the right to know, but couldn't bring his heart to it, he wouldn't know what he would do if she disowned him.

He could remember holding her when she was a baby, calming her and singing Greensleeves like his mother did for him whilst she would try and catch the hanging feather's from his hat, giggling at how it tickled her soft young skin. Arthur sighed and laid down his head, looking down at his know sleeping daughter. 'I'll kill him if he ever tries to take her' he thought, moving the hair out of his eye's. Arthur raised his head and sat up slightly, looking around the room with wide eye's. He could've sworn he heard laughter or a chuckle 'take care of your daughter Artie~' he heard in is head, the voice with the Russian accent he so hated. bringing (Name) closer to him he glared at nothing "I will never let you take her" he said quietly, only hearing a chuckle 'game set~' he heard the voice in his mind say, making Arthur turn red in anger. 'I'll kill you, you cocky bastard' he promised in his mind.
so, there isn't any action in this, but will be in the next chapter. this chapter just explain's what happened with the reader and stuff like that~ hopefully it wasn't bad! and the song is called green sleeves, I don't own it.

all character's besides you belong to :iconhimaruyaplz:
you belong to yourself
I own the plot and story~
next chapter:[link]
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