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December 13, 2012
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Arthur laid on his plush bed with a bottle of rum in his hand whilst humming a tune. it had been a few week's since he found (Name) and felt as she was his own, though Francis is alway's trying to convince him to sell the young child or leave her somewhere else and act as if nothing had ever happened, he got wacked by either himself or Yao each time, who took a likeing to the young infant, Arthur suspected that Yao took a likeling to her because she reminded him of his own sibling's. A cry snapped Arthur out of his thought's and stand up from his bed to go over and cheak on (Name), picking her up from the moses basket, and gently rock her side to side "shhhhhh, it's okay poppet, go back to sleep." he said calmly, light stroking her head, being careful with the soft spot at the back of her skull, not wanting to hurt the young infant and began to hum a tune lightly softly pacing across the room.  Eventually the baby began to stop crying and lightly moan and hold on to Arthur's shirt, making him smile lightly as she rested her head on his chest beginning to fall back to sleep. walking back over to his bed, Arthur laid down, being careful with the young child in his arm's and placing her on his chest and blew out the candle, beginning to sleep himself.

Arthur woke up and sat up stiff, immediatly noticing (Name) wasn't with him. Grabbing a box of matches he re-light the candle and walked over to the moses basket, not seeing her there, worry quickly taking over him, he marched out of his cabin and into the crew's and over to Francis' hammock, dragging him up by the collar "where is she!! If you hurt her I swear to god-" "non! I didn't do anything to her! I promise!" Francis said, eyes wide "captain? what is the matter aru?" Yao asked, climbing out of his hammock "(Name). she isn't in my room." he said, letting go of Francis' shirt, dropping him to the wooden floor "Yao, do you know anything about this?" he asked, turning the chinese man who shook his head "no, aru, maybe someone sneaked on the ship and-" before Yao could finish his sentence, Arthur, quickly made his way out of the cabin and quickly onto the deck, freezing in his track's once he did.

A tall man was slowly pacing on the deck, singing softly what seemed to be a childrens nursery rythem, holding Arthur's little girl, making his blood boil at the sight of a complete and utter stranger on HIS ship, let alone touch HIS (Name). "WHO THE BLOODY HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, GIVE ME BACK MY DAUGHTER RIGHT NOW!!" Arthur yelled, eye's wide in fury. The man stopped in his track's and turned to face Arthur, allowing him to take a proper look. He had light beige hair and violet eye's with a innocent smile that had dark secrets lerking behind it. In one hand, he had (Name), in the other, he had a knife. The man chuckled "but, she isn't your daughter, is she?" he asked, making Arthur confused "how do you know that, I never met you in my life" he said "just give her back, I will not hesitate to kill you" Arthur said, reaching for his pistol on his belt, only for Ivan to lift the knife towards (Name) and shake his head at Arthur, who froze and glared darkly at the man. "don't you hurt her" he said threw clenched teeth. "no, I will not hurt her....if you give me your collaboration" he said. Arthur stood up straight and sighed throw his nose "who are you. and what are you doing on my ship" he demanded "I am Ivan Braginsky" he answered simply, Arthur rolled his green eye's and chuckled "really? Ivan Braginsky? there isn't a man alive on these sea's who doesn't know that name. Ivan Braginsky is just a sea tale, nothing more then a tavern legend, and a monster who hides under little naughty children's beds at the dock's." Arthur said. Ivan simply smiled and nodded his head "Da, I am him" Arthur laughed "don't mock me. who are you" he said more seriously. "Ivan" he began, a dark aura slowly creeping it's way through him, making Arthur suddenly feel cold and worried "Braginsky." he finished "what do you want with me! why are you here!? why are you threatening her!!?" he demanded, concern for his daughter obvious in his voice, bringing amusement to Ivan. "I want you to be sad" he answered "I want you to feel hurt, pain, depression and hatred. I want you to die on the inside till you can't take life no more" he answered "why? what have I ever done to you?" Arthur asked "nothing~ I simply want to play a little game" Ivan answered, tilting his head to the side. "a game" "Da, a game, when she is older, I'll be back, and we'll play a game. I give her back if you sacrifice something" he explained "look, if it's gold or money you want, take it. just give me back my daughter" Arthur said "no, I don't want that" "then what do you want from me?!" Ivan chuckled darkly, tracing the blade down (Name) small chest, making her whimper in fear of her life being cut short and the lack of protective arm's from Arthur. "if I tell you, it wouldn't be as much fun~" he cooed. Holding out (Name). Arthur immediatly and quickly took his daughter from him, holding the weeping child close to his chest, allowing him to breath the unknown held breathe whilst stroking her head and kissing her cheek, reassurring her that he will never let her go again. Turning back up to Ivan he glared darkly "if you ever come back. I'll kill you" he threatened. Ivan chuckled and smiled wider. "you know the tale Captain~ I'm cursed, I can't die" Ivan said amusingly, walking over to the ship railing's "I'll find a way, I'll rip out your un-beating heart if I have to" Arthur promised. "see you later Artie~" Ivan said, allowing himself to fall backward's and off the on going ship. Arthur quickly made his way over to where he once was and looked over boarded. Not a single ripple was seen by his forest green eye's. Arthur turned around, looking at the deck, the only sound he could hear was his crying daughter and his heart beat. sinking down to the floor, Arthur holding onto (Name), wanting to never let her go "shhhhh. poppet, it's okay. please, please stop crying." he said, re-adjusting her in his arm's so he could see her again. (Name) locked her own wide (colour) eye's with his and reached up to touch him, still crying. Arthur took hold of her tiny hand in his large one humming the same tune as he alway's does to calm her "daddy won't let him touch you" he said, placing a gentle kiss to her forehead.
you wanted chapter 2, so I gave to ya~ what do you think?

all character's except you belong to :iconhimaruyaplz:
you belong to yourself
I own the plot and story's
previous chapter:[link]
next chapter: [link]
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LunaAngel-Eclipse Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Now i shall ponder his plans for future me.... 
LunaticMiyuki Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014
I'm wondering how Ivan could get onto the ship if it's in the middle of an ocean...
nyanmeowth Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014  Student Artist
Ivan.... Why am i not surprised? o3o
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I was listening to viva la vida when I read this! It was so awesome lol!
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When I grow up, I am gonna become on of the ship crew member's Lover?

Tripple-0 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
At first I was kind of worried. Because, you know, this is England and they're pirates, and a baby. . . Yeah. I really thought you were going to make the baby-napper :iconsexyspainplz: . . .

I would've been mortified! Like, NO! Not me lover! I mean, I love Russia too, but. . . *phew* glad it's not Spain. . . :)

TheDevilsProxy Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I agree
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Was it just me or was there some slight pirates of the Caraben in there, amazing story bro.
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this is so good!
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