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December 12, 2012
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walking onto the deck and breathing the fresh salty sea air, Arthur Kirkland grinned, seeing the horizone of his fathering country, England, the dock's in Kent to be more accurate. Arthur made his way over to Francis who was at the wheel of the ship, gaining a look from Arthur at his ego on his ship, making the french-man back away "mon amie, we should be there soon" he informed, excited about the fact he would be able to flirt with the local women and make even the wench's weak to the knee's "yes, I know Francis" he said, keeping his eye's trained on the view. For some reason he felt as though he needed to be here, and something would happen, but maybe he was talking with Yao and his brother Kiku to much.

Arthur jumped down from the railing's of his ship onto the wooden dock's, gaining attention from the local unmarried girl's, who began to giggle and got flustered once he smiled his charming smile and tip his hat when bowing at them "my lady~" he said as they walked past, making them giggle at his charm and accent that rolled of his tongue perfectly, the fact he was a pirate didn't help either. "hey! Captain! you said no flirting!" Alfred said, walking up to his captain, who wacked him in the face "I said you lot, not me" he said, placing his hat back on his messy blond hair and straighting out his coat, taking out a small bag of money and giving it Alfred as the rest of his crew made their way down to the tavern whilst a couple of men stayed behind on the deck to make sure no steal's the ship. "get food and rum. don't forget the rum! last time you forgot because of a dancing monkey and allowed those bloody gypsy's to take that money" Arthur said sternly, glaring at Alfred who only rolled his eyes "don't worry! you really think that would happen again?" he asked, Arthur only looked at him, not needing to say anything and made his to the tavern "rum!" he called to Aflred.

"you alright mate? you might want to slowly down" a cockney voice that belonged to the bar tender said to Gilbert, who was in the midst of having a drinking competion with Francis, who knew he wasn't going to win. Gilbert slammed down his mug and stuck his arm's in the air, gaining a cheer from the rest of the crew. Arthur smirked at the show, knowing fully well Francis will never have a chance at beating Gilbert, but Francis only need the attention of a woman to make him feel better. standing up, Arthur made his way to the back of the tavern, needing fresh air. opening the door he stumbled into the allyway and breathed in the cold fresh air and leaning against the wall. Arthur saw a small group of dog's sniffing at something, making him curious and shoo away the dog's, his eye's widen at what he saw. in a bundle of old blankets in a moses basket was a baby, no older then a week. Arthur knelt down next to the baby, who seemed rather calm. "what are you doing out here?" he asked, knowing that no answer would be given though. Arthur saw a folded paper tucked in the blanket and took it out, unfolding it, beginning to read outloud "to the stranger who has found my child, I beg you to take her in for I am not able to do so, even if you just send her away to the local orphange I beg of to not leave her where she is, I must keep this short since I have little time left. If you take my darling angel, God bless you." he read, ending the note with a sigh "no signiture, well that's brilliant" he said sarastically and looking back at the baby, taking in her feature's. (Colour eye's) with a wisp of (colour) hair. he sighed again, bowing his head and pinching the bridge of his nose "all that water is making me stupid" he said, gently taking the baby from the basket "not Alfred or Gilbert stupid. but still stupid." he added, standing up and holding the baby close, picking up the moses basket. only then did he notice how late it had gotten, he could've sworn it was only sunset when he stepped outside, now he could almost see the stars in their peek. "them lot should be back at the dock's about know, loading back on and waiting for me and Alfred to come back" he said looking down at the baby girl in his arm and the moses basket in his hand. "this is a bad idea" he mumbled, walking out of the allyway and down the street, not bothering to pay for the rum he drank earlier.

eventually he made his way back, seeing the drunken idiot's of his crew merry making on the deck of his ship, seeing Gilbert and Francis waltzing also, which would be rather funny if Yao, the seemingly only somber one left, wasn't trying to get them to stop. "hey! Iggy! what ya got there!" Alfred shouted, balancing a barrel of rum on his shoulder and a few sack's of food in the other, he also got a wack in the face from Arthur "don't call me that! and don't be so loud!" he snapped, glaring at the louder man. blinking his eye's back into focuse, he saw that Arthur was holding a sleeping baby in his arm, holding the child close to his chest. "so, you finally got some one preggo~ I warned you-" "I haven't had any children, I found this one in the allyway earlier on. she was left there on her own, apparently her mother isn't here anymore" Arthur explained, gently adjusting the baby in his arm "what do you mean she's not here? is she on some sort of trip or something?" Alfred said, Arthur groaned in annoyence "dead, Alfred, the mother is dead." he explained, walking across the wooden deck board and on up into the ship. "Arthur~ my bushy browed friend~ how are you~" Francis slurred, walking clumsly to Arthur and wrapping his arm around his shoulder, gasping dramatically once he saw the baby in his captain's arm's "you had a baby! I am so sorry, don't worry I know a guy, it would be as if the woman was never even pregnant!....or we could just throw it over board" Francis said, trying to take the baby away from Arthur, who pushed him back "you will do no such thing! and she's a her, not it" he said, seeing the confused and drunken expression on Francis' face "you have a baby, aru?" Yao asked, walking over to Arthur perfectly well, obviously not drunk like everyone else. Arthur, not wanting explain what happened again, gave Yao the letter that came with her, allowing him to read it "so, your keeping her?" he asked, gaining a nod from Arthur "yes, I am. and I plan on keeping her. not selling her on the black market or throwing her over board, Francis" he said, looking over at Francis who was flirting with a mop with Gilbert and Antonio. "I have raised my brother's and sister, aru. I could help you if you so wish" Yao said, gaining a thankful look "of course, I will like that help, just don't give her to those three over there" he said, pointing at the trio of idiots.


Arthur groaned in annoyence as the baby refused to calm down, making him walk across the deck in the late night, trying to calm the wailing child. "shhhh, it's okay... frog face isn't here to try and hurt you" he reassured, gently rocking the baby, who seemed to calm down to just a moan and gruggle, making Arthur sigh in relief and slowly walk on the deck, trying to make it so his heavy leather boat's don't make too much noise. "frog face will never take you." he said, looking down at the baby, thinking up name's a girl would have "you know, I've never raised anyone before, so I hope I'm not bad at this" he said, looking into the large (colour) eye's of the infant and smiling lightly "but I promise to do my best, even though we're at sea, I'll teach you everything I know, from how to hold a sword and how to steal." he said, as the baby tried grabbing at the feather's from his hat, making Arthur chuckle and pluck one off, teasing the grabbing baby with said feather, making the baby giggle. Arthur stopped walking and felt his heart flutter at such the innocent sound, a light smile finding its way to his face "(Name). your name is (Name) Kirkland." he said lightly, seeing the baby fall into sleep as Arthur gently rocked her side to side and kiss her head lightly. "may your dream's be pleasent one's" he mumbled softly.
I thought this up when I couldn't sleep and I had to write it down.

EDIT: I'm so happy that this has gottensuch good feedback~

all character's beside's you belong to :iconhimaruyaplz:
you belong to yourself
I own the plot and story
next chapter:[link]
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Throwing overboard as in of the ship o.o into the sea?
nyanmeowth Mar 2, 2014  Student Artist
ono i dont wanna be thrown overboard
FRANCIS AFTERWARD :dead: remake 
kia-1112 Jan 17, 2014  Student General Artist
I squealed when you mentioned Kent! I used to live there~ 
Konakona321 Aug 21, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
"so, you finally got some one preggo~ I warned you-"

:icongermanyfacepalmplz: ALFRED YOU LOVABLE IDIOT!!! XD
I'm keeping her not selling her on the black market nor throwing her overboard, Francis
Oh my god I love that part!
sarabellum9087 Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
"I'll teach you everything I know, from how to hold a sword and how to steal" 0.0 what a great father
"... looking over at Francis who was flirting with a mop with Gilbert and Antonio." For some reason I could see this happening....
cheezelover234 May 20, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I'll teach you everything I know, from how to hold a sword and how to steal.

Yup that is totally what I wanna learn!!!!
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