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December 18, 2012
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Alfred never knew Arthur had a brother, now that he thought about, he doesn't really know anything about his captain. only that he loves his daughter and can't hold his temper. The only person who really know's anything about Arthur was Francis, and he refused to talk about Arthur's life, saying that it was personal an not for his information. Alfred frowned, who was this Ivan Braginksy guy anyway? 'only one way to find out' he thought, spotting Ian and running up to him "hey! Ian1 you said you'll tell me about that Ivan guy!" the american said. Ian sighed and rolled his eye's "fine, I'll tell you" he said, taking a swig of rum and wiping his mouth. "Ivan Braginsky is an tavern legend of man who can't die. year's and year's ago, Ivan had two sister's, one Natalia and one Katyusha, nobody really know's about Katyusha though. Natalia was in love with Ivan, but he turned down her countless amount's of affection and admiration. Natalia becoame heart broken at the lack of her brother's love and placed a curse on him. Ivan can't die and will never be loved by any other. after year's of never dying and seeing his family die whilst he stayed young made Ivan bitter of any happiness and retreat to the sea. If he ever catches wind of happiness on the ocean, he play's games with that happiness takeing a loved one, and making them find him. only few have actually found him, but since they can't kill him, they and their loved ones die." Ian said, taking a swi of his rum "so, he playing a game with Arthur to kill him?" Alfred asked as Ian nodded his head "my brother's just too blinded by hate that he doesn't see the fact that he can't win this game. the only reason I'm here is for the slim chance of actually finding her. that's the tricky bit" he answered "what do you mean that's the tricky bit?" he asked "Ivan gives the searcher a limited time to find him and save their loved one's. could be a year, could be a week." he answered. "w-we have to find them then. right now!" Alfred exclaimed, fear of never seeing (Name) again obvious in his eye's. "calm down. we're on our way. nobody know's exacly where he is but there is a rumor" "where?" Ian took another swig and stretched "now that, I can't tell you" he said.

it was as clear as day that the echo was crying. (Name) tugged at the chain's on her ankel's, tear's streaming dow her face. so many question entered her young mind. 'why am I here' 'what's this game' 'is daddy coming to save me' she shook her head from the thought's "of course he will! he promised" she said lightly "who promised" a accented voice said, making (Name) jump "my father! he'll come here and he'll kill you!" she exclaimed, pretending to be brave. Ivan smirked "but,  dear little (Name), he isn't your father~" he said, making her stop her attempt of loosening the chain's "w-what?" she asked "he isn't your father~" he repeated "your lying! he has to be my dad! why else would he-" "would he let you stay with him?" Ivan cutted off "because of pity" he answered. (Name) felt tear's pool in her eye's "your lying" she said, bring her knees to her chest and hiding her face in them "he is my dad" she said, making Ivan chuckle.
chapter 7 and finally an update from the reader. and sorry, crappy and short chapter is crappy and short.

all character's beside's you belong to :iconhimaruyaplz:
you belong to yourselve
I own the plot and story~
next chapter: [link]
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LunaAngel-Eclipse Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Why can't Ivan just accept my hug and understanding like any normal psychopath with a terrible past? :iconpoutplz:
nyanmeowth Mar 2, 2014  Student Artist
Cant i just be Ivans freind? He seems like he needs a hug thou
Wow...Ivan a dick!
Arinuchi Dec 19, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Ivan Braginksy Kidnapping and telling kids their adopted since Forever!
Arinuchi Dec 19, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
ARandomTimeOfDay Dec 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
My Ghost is reaching for the book pile, I'll hurl them at him two ata time. Epic chapter btw
Heh.. i found out that i was.. adopted. *dramatic music* heh... you had to find out sooner or later... but he really needs to work on his social skills
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